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Benefits of personalized care

Concierge Physicians of California provides a level of service that, until now, was only available to a select few. With Dr. Nelson overseeing all aspects of your care, you will have a trusted medical expert by your side whose main interest is maintaining or re-establishing your vitality and health. Benefits include:

Anytime Access - Your personal physician is always just a phone call or email away. Call anytime with medical questions, concerns or to schedule an appointment. Personalized Attention- Because Dr. Nelson limits his practice to approximately 150 clients, you can expect his undivided attention at every meeting. Most office visits or house calls average about an hour, giving you the time to talk about the things that matter most.

Coordination of Care - Your personal physician personally oversees all aspects of your care, including putting you in touch with the most talented medical specialists and surgeons either locally, regionally or nationally.

Medical Advocacy - Whenever possible, your personal physician will attend your appointments with specialists to assure that you are receiving the highest levels of care, that you understand all the options available to you and that all aspects of your care work in concert to achieve maximum results.

Medical Translation - Your personal physician will ensure you understand all the medical jargon related to your care so you can always make an informed decision.

Expedited Results - With Dr. Nelson as your personal physician you will receive lab, radiology and x-ray results as quickly as possible, often as soon as the next day.

House Calls - Enjoy the convenience of house calls at your home, office or assisted living facility.

Annual Executive Physical - Receive a complete physical exam including hearing and vision screening, EKG, evaluation and advice, and homocysteine levels.

Life Coaching - With a personal philosophy that focuses on prevention and overall well-being, Dr. Nelson acts as your personal life coach to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

Travel Medical Record - Take your complete medical record with you when you travel, including recent EKGs, list of medications and medical history.

If traveling overseas, Concierge Physicians of California can assist you with ensuring that you have all the necessary immunizations recommended for a safe trip. We can also assist you in obtaining international travel health insurance if needed.