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Sammy Cemo of Orangevale signed up his 91 year old father, who lives at home in Sacramento for the service. Meanwhile, Cemo, who has some medical problems of his own, including a severe spinal problem, sought out Dr. Nelson for advice on his shoulder and got the treatment he needed. Now he and his wife are patients too.

"I was impressed by the research Dr. Nelson did for my shoulder. He comes to the house. He's come to my office. He'll go with us to appointments. He makes himself available."

Sammy Cemo
Orangevale, CA

"Having a medical doctor visit my Mother at her residence in the assisted living facility was exactly what I was looking for in the best interest of her health care. Knowing that she can be seen by a personal, caring doctor is also very comforting to family members." MORE....

Bill Lane
Fair Oaks, CA

"I have been plagued with serious health problems for over a year now. My wife and I have had great difficulty, most of the time, understanding what the doctors were saying to us and what medical treatments they were proposing for me. After much frustration, I learned of a medical advocate in our area, Dr. Bob Nelson. I met with Dr. Nelson and after hearing of the amazing service he could provide, I signed on with him to be my health advocate. My expectations have been more than exceeded and this is by far one of my best decisions." MORE....

Robert J. Madrid
Sacramento, CA

"Dr. Nelson has been so accommodating. He saved me a trip to the ER and hours of time by coming to my home at night to diagnose my problem and write me a prescription. He also took at look at my 18 month old son and not only told me that he hadn’t contracted my infection, but that he showed no signs of autism – a fear that most mothers of toddlers have. Dr. Nelson has gone above and beyond what any other doctor has done for me."

Karla Hurd
Sacramento, CA