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I have been plagued with serious health problems for over a year now. My wife and I have had great difficulty, most of the time, understanding what the doctors were saying to us and what medical treatments they were proposing for me. After much frustration, I learned of a medical advocate in our area, Dr. Bob Nelson. I met with Dr. Nelson and after hearing of the amazing service he could provide, I signed on with him to be my health advocate. My expectations have been more than exceeded and this is by far one of my best decisions.

Dr. Nelson has gone to many of my doctors appointments, talking with my doctor’s and getting answers to many of the questions I was in the dark about. Dr. Nelson is able to translate what my doctors are saying into language I can understand.

Recently I came down with a severe case of shingles and had it not been for Dr. Nelson, I would have been hospitalized. He came to my home numerous times and put us at ease by listening and answering any questions we had and advising us as to what to do through every phase of the problem. He was available, weekends, nights and holidays. Time after time he relieved me and my wife of the many concerns we had.

Dr. Nelson is knowledgeable, caring and professional, and he keeps up-to-date on the latest medical issues. We don't know what we would have done without his help and he has brought us great peace of mind. Thank you Dr. Nelson!

Robert J. Madrid


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