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My 86 year old Mother has developed senile dementia over the past six years and requires the services of an assisted living facility. Initially, during this period of time, it was possible to transport her to a Medical Doctor’s office to be seen for various minor ailments. In addition to the dementia, she also has macular degeneration, limiting her vision to the peripheral, preventing her from walking independently. For some time, it was possible to transport her to medical appointments by employing a wheelchair transportation service. Some of the transportation services only pick-up and drop off, requiring a family member or other form of assistance to accompany her to the appointments. Often times, we had to wait a week or two for an appointment with the doctor.

For several months, I attempted to find a medical doctor that would make house calls. Medicare has reduced the doctor’s reimbursement to a point where it is an insult to the doctor’s time and experience and none that I contacted were willing to make house calls.

At long last, I found Dr. Robert Nelson’s service, Concierge Physicians of California, Inc. My initial consultation with Dr. Nelson was more than two hours in length. We discussed my Mother’s current condition as well as her medical history. The doctor explained in detail, his medical experience in the military, his experience working with a civilian medical group and why he started this business, what services he would provide and the cost of the service. The Doctor provided his cellular telephone number and said that we could contact him any time, day or night. During the initial consultation, I agreed to contract the services of Dr. Nelson and have been very, very pleased with the services.

Having a medical doctor visit my Mother at her residence in the assisted living facility was exactly what I was looking for in the best interest of her health care. Knowing that she can be seen by a personal, caring doctor is also very comforting to family members. Dr. Nelson has done everything he promised and much more. He visits my Mother on a regular basis and is readily available 24 hours each day for urgent care needs. When my Mother has been transported to emergency care at the hospital, Dr. Nelson has been there within a very short period of time, often less than an hour. He has met my Mother in the emergency room at the hospital at midnight. While at the hospital, Dr. Nelson consults with the hospital doctors and assists them in directing her care.

Since contracting Dr. Nelson’s service over the past nine months, my Mother’s health has been very stable, although requiring treatment for bladder infections on several occasions. If we would have had to wait a week or two to begin treatment of these infections, I am not sure my Mother would have survived.

Dr. Nelson is very respected and well liked by employees at the assisted living facility. As a family member, I am very grateful to have found Dr. Nelson.

Bill Lane


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